Five germ infested items that you touch almost every day


Flu season is in full swing and many are looking to avoid being a part of it. However, that may be difficult to do as there are plenty of germ infested items that you touch nearly every day.

We asked you what do you think the dirtiest items are?

“Probably the newspaper I receive,” said Larry Forsythe.”I have to wash my hands right after I pick it up.”

“Definitely gas pump handles, or bathroom door handles, one of those for sure,” said Bill Dunton.

While those could stand for a good cleaning, some of the dirtiest items can be found inside your home starting with sponges and dish towels, according to Science of Us.

“That is exactly where bacteria like to grow, they like warm and moist surfaces,” said Katherine Wells, Director of Public Health. “We see it a lot in towels as they don’t ever get dry especially if it’s being used over and over again.”

It doesn’t get a lot better at work as coffee pots, and even the elevator buttons are some of the easiest places to spread a virus. 

“I used to work at a mill and let me tell you, everybody was coming in and grabbing the coffee pot, and that thing got real disgusting real quick,” said Dunton.

“I try my best to never touch the elevator buttons,” said Tariq Muhalhal. “Who knows when the last time those things were clean, or even if there is anybody who cleans them.”

However, one of the best places for germs to grow is at your local grocery store.

“Especially with touch screens, people will touch the same surface over and over again, and if someone is sick then it’s very easy to spread,” said Wells.

Other items that are among the best for bacteria to grow is sponges, cellphones, shopping carts, and door handles. The Department of Health says there is only one way to make sure you don’t get sick.

“You need to make sure that you wash your hands,” said Wells. “Use tissues, cover your mouth, all the things they teach you in kindergarten are still good life lessons.”

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