A family is homeless after a garage fire destroyed their home Friday morning on 26th Street and Elm Avenue. Officials say everyone was able to get out, but they are still investigating what caused the fire. 

“The fire was right beside us, and if the front door wasn’t right there, then there is no way we could have got out of the house,” said Tamika Mitchell, a victim. 

When Tamika realized that her house was on fire, her family’s safety, specifically her 5-year-old son Jeziah, was all she could think about.

“The only thing I kept thinking about was my baby, getting my baby out,” said Tamika. “A friend of mine actually got us out of the home and tried to put out the fire.”

However, it wasn’t until Lubbock Fire and Rescue arrived that the flames were fully extinguished. All four individuals inside the home made it out safely, but they said they lost everything in the fire. The Red Cross was called to take care of the victims.

“We honestly in our hearts for our clients,” said Jerri Beth Dunlap, disaster program manager with the Red Cross. “We are meeting someone on the very worst day of their life, and if the Red Cross can ease that pain a little bit, we will.”

The Red Cross will continue to care for the family until they are able to get back on their feet. If you would like to get involved with the organization, they are always looking for volunteers HERE.