It’s the holiday season and Christmas shopping is in full swing. Of course one of the top presents every year is technology. Whether it’s a new smart phone, a tablet or a new gaming console, kids want the latest and the greatest. 

But, if you are planning on giving technology as a gift there are some cyber precautions parents need to take. 

When it comes to giving phones or tablet Michael Strong with Blue Layer IT explained it’s a good idea to become familiar with the parental settings available. 

If you’re giving an IOS device you can find some good guidelines here.

For android devices you can find parental control guidelines here

For Amazon devices like a kind you can get help here.

Strong also said that there isn’t a one single fix for every device. Parents need to put in the time learning what options each device offer to protect your children.

If you are planning on giving a gaming console Strong explained the best practice is to have it in an open room like a living room. That’s because those device open up to the online gaming community and your 7 year old could be listening to and being influenced by a 37 year old playing the same game. 

Each console offers parental settings to keep your family cyber safe. 

For Xbox you can find help here.

For PlayStation find help here.

For Nintendo find help here.

If you are giving a computer it’s a good idea to spent a lot of time on the company’s website learning how to protect your children. Strong also recommends sitting down with them and have a discussion about what is appropriate. He said setting boundaries from the beginning will save you a big headache down the road.

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