Halloween Safety Alert


While you may have all your costumes and candy ready for the big night, there is still one thing parents need to have before taking the family out, a safety plan.

 “Traffic is probably still the biggest concern because kids are excited, they’re going to run, they’re going to cross streets where you don’t want them to,” said Doctor Michael O’Neill, the Emergency Room Director at Covenant Children’s Hospital.    

    But, you can’t really blame them. It’s one of the few occasions they are allowed to stay up late and load up on candy. There are however, some easy things to do now that will make sure the night stays both fun and safe.

    “If they have a dark costume the bag should have marked on it with reflective tape or the other thing you can do is go out and get glow sticks. Cover with video kids love those, stick one on the costume and one on the bag, they’re easier to keep track of your own children so that you can see them,” said Dr. O’Neill 

    Another easy idea that you probably have at home is giving each child a flashlight. Dr. O’Neill also recommends that parent stay with them and make sure they are crossing in the correct places and staying calm. Ultimately rules he said you can lay out ahead of time if you set some ground rules before going out.

    “Don’t go to houses that aren’t lit up. Don’t go to houses you don’t know. Don’t enter houses unless you have an adult with you,” said Dr. O’Neill    

    But, even when the the trick or treating is done parents still have an important job to do.

    “They did that study to look and see if there are foreign bodies in anything and really that has shown up once and awhile. If you did the numbers out there it’s unbelievablly low risk it is. You should still check the candy,” said Dr. O’Neill.

    So, while you should always check for any foreign objects in the candy you should also be checking for allergens. It’s something Dr. O’Neill said the parent of a child with dangerous food allergies should be most concerned with.

    “One they should be wrapped,make sure the wraps appropriate because the other thing is that you don’t want things being contaminated,” said Dr. O’Neill.

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