High winds cause construction to come to a hault


On Wednesday, wind gusts reached as high as 70 mph in West Texas, causing a dangerous environment for construction workers. 

The high winds prevent crews from being able to work outside, due to not only the harsh conditions, but risk of debris injuring them as well.

Stewart Townsen, owner of Construction Consultants, said his crews are not working today, because it is just not safe. 

“You can’t pour concrete on a day like this you can’t lay brick on a day like this,” Townsen said. “If you’re digging trenches the dirt just covers you up.”

Townsen said the high winds blew shingles off, and can lead to projects being delayed a month or two.

Cody Craig, owner of Cody Craig Homes, said days with high winds are miserable, and create a mess on his construction site. 

“We fight the trash more than anything is my biggest problem when the wind blows,” Craig said. “No matter how much we put in the dumpster days like today it’s still going to blow out to some extent.”

Architect Sara Bradshaw said the wind dumped over port-a-potties, and blew shutters off of homes. 

“There will be some debris flying around there’s just no way around it it’s gonna happen,” Bradshaw said. 

Bradshaw said crews are not working all over town, which leads to builders being delayed.

“Wind like this is a problem for sure,” Bradshaw said. “It puts a stop to a lot of stuff that we do but it also damaged a lot of our construction.”

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