LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Animal Shelter celebrated their highest adoption month in their history this past May. More than 400 animals have been adopted, 90 percent are included in their save rate.

“It’s been an amazing journey, and I am honestly so happy of the progress we have made,” said Steven Greene, Director of Lubbock Animal Shelter. “I remember what it was like before, and it was not a fun place to work.”

Previously, the animal shelter held a 70 percent kill rate, with most animals being euthanized after being held for more than 72 hours. The shelter has moved away from this, but said they still have a long way to go.

“We get more than 12,000 animals per year, and while it is fantastic to have more than 400 adopted out, we still have so many who need loving homes here,” said Eila Machado, a veterinarian with Lubbock Animal Shelter.

In an effort to increase their save rate Lubbock Animal Shelter sent 18 of their long-term dogs north to New Hampshire to another shelter. They said this will give the dogs a better chance to be adopted, because of the low numbers they have there.

“We have hundreds of dogs, while they have a few dozen,” Machado said. “The probability of them being chosen is a lot higher there, and so we really believe we are doing the best thing for them.”

If you are interested in adopting, fostering, or attending one of their events – you can find more information HERE.