Hobbs woman recovering at UMC, goes into labor after crash in New Mexico

Lubbock, TX - A semi truck attempting to make a U-Turn on a busy New Mexico highway crushed three cars in its path. Inside one of the cars was a pregnant woman and amazingly everyone survived, including her baby. 

"If anything would have happened to her or worse I don't know what I would have done," said her sister Jasminn Villalobos, "I mean I was just hoping my nephew was okay."

Monday night, Jasminn got an unexpected call from her pregnant sister, Jessica. 

"She was crying she was..you could hear everything going on. She was like, 'We just got hit by a semi. I think my leg is broken,'" said Jasminn. Without a second thought, Jasminn rushed to the scene. 

She said, "I saw my nephews car seat on the floor and my brother in law he was covered in blood." 

Officials said the semi truck turned right in front of Jessica's car causing a three car collision hurting several people in the process.

 "He realized he had gotten lost and wanted to turn around. He went onto the shoulder and then attempted to make a U-turn across four lanes of traffic. Apparently without signaling or putting his hazard lights on," said Detective David Miranda with the Lovington Police Department. 

Jasminn said the scene was brutal and paramedics flew her sister to UMC. 

"While she was in labor, they drilled a rod into her femur to hold her femur into place so she could give birth," said Jasminn. 

The family later welcoming a healthy, baby boy named Jason. Jasminn said it was the second miracle this week. 

 "I just want her to be able to look back and see, like God had is hand upon her life. Like they definitely have a purpose here because if not who knows what else could have happened. They're definitely still needed on this earth," said Jasminn.

The family is doing fine tonight and police said the semi truck driver was cited for not signaling and making an improper turn. 

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