Infectious disease doctor debunks Coronavirus myths


LUBBOCK, Texas — As more information is shared about the novel Coronavirus, more questions are raised as well.

Infectious Disease Medical Director for Covenant Medical Center, Dr. Prakash Shrestha, said there are six different kinds of the Coronavirus that are common among humans. However, COVID-19 is a new one that human’s immune systems have not seen before.

“People are panicking,” Shrestha said. “They are scared.”

Shrestha said that Covenant Medical Center already has measures in place for outbreaks like this one. Covenant is able to collect samples from patients for testing if they meet specific guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control.

“What we don’t want is all these people getting infected at the same time and coming to the hospital and overwhelm the health care system.” Shrestha said.

Shrestha said the reason large gatherings and events have been canceled is to prevent a large influx of patients.

“If that happened what happens is even the patients who are not really sick will not get proper medical attention,” Shrestha said. “And it will increase morbidity and mortality.”

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