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We all know someone who has had to battle cancer.  Trying to live each day to the fullest while fighting.  It’s not an easy battle.  I posed the following question to viewers on Facebook…What is/was the best advice you received about living a normal life while battling cancer?

Dealing with cancer and having to face the thought of not living through it is a huge life changing event for mostly anyone.  For a lot of people it is a time of reflection on your life and the regrets of things you didn’t do and making new priorities. 

Charity Stearns Lee wrote, “Do everything in your power to stay positive.”

Courtney Line wrote, “I just finished chemo and radiation with a three year old at home.  You have to make a decision from the very beginning that you are going to be just fine.  Be positive and stick to it.  Try to find others who have been through it or are going through it and go to them often.  Be willing to accept help.  She goes on to say as crazy as this sounds, have fun with it and embrace the journey.  Go do all the things you would have normally done.  And the most importantly, rest when you need to rest.”

Daniel and Barbara Chavez lost their mother to cancer and said, “The best advice we got was to stay positive and remember the battle belongs to the Lord.”

Deb Hutton Weir wrote, “One of my friends told me keeping busy and keeping a positive attitude was the best thing she did.”

And Irene Jalomo sent a message writing, “My sister is currently going through chemo.  She was told to continue doing everything she normally does.  Not giving up really helps.”

Summing it all up, Living each day to the fullest, doing the things you enjoy, and surround yourself with the people you love.”

The UMC Southwest Cancer Center works to provide patients with the vest best care and that includes offering support services.  You can find them online at to see all of the services they offer to help you or your loved one during the time of treatment and beyond.

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