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How many of you ladies feeling you burn the candle at both ends?  Trying to balance your marriage, career, finances, family and your own self esteem.  Every woman I know personally struggles with these things.  With the pressure to appear we all have it together when we don’t.  We feel out of balance, pulled in multiple directions at once, and feel anxious about parts of our lives.  I invite you to take this weekly journey of learning with me to live intentionally, and we start with our Faith.

UMC Chaplin, Jerry Hatfield, says, “Whatever our faith is it has to encompass who we are, it can’t be something we use just in times of great tragedy like a fire escape, it has to be something we are very intentional to participate in the good times and the bad times.”

In today’s society the problem is we typically are just ok to commit ourselves to being less connected to our faith.  Intentionally living includes making time for what ever higher being you believe in.

Hatfield tell us, “being able to disconnect from the busyness of life is the greatest challenge that is held in front of us.  The only way to explain it is that you have got to carve out some time because the pressures of life have crowded us to where we don’t have any time…you have to guard those moments with everything, and the way to do that is by broadening that and involving others.  Otherwise you will have people that will not respect that time and override it.”

And for us women, it is hard to find a spare moment in the day and make it something we stick to.  Jerry says, “it certainly has to be something that is participated in regularly and if you have a regular rhythm to that it’s going to make it easier to do.  I’ve heard it said that if you participate in an activity and do it regularly for 30 days it becomes a habit.”

Being able to step away from everything is the key to truly making your faith intentional.  As Jerry explains, “It’s extremely important because we can’t carry the world. There is an old spiritual song, he’s got the whole world in his hands.  Many times we live in the 24/7 go-go-go world like we have to carry that weight.  If you don’t have a strong spiritual connection to an almighty being then your next connection is with the people you have around you to have them help shoulder the burdens.”

Something that takes our attention away from faith is social media.  It is a guilty pleasure that can take a toll on our self esteem often creating an illusion of what our lives should be. 

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