Intentional Living – Gen Z the most stressed


A new survey finds Americans are reporting significant stress in 2020, and the youngest generation is most impacted.
In this weeks Intentional Living we look at what psychologists are calling a mental health crisis that could have serious consequences for the future.

Michelle Rojas is starting her senior year at home. The 17-year old is learning virtually and missing her teachers and friends. “Seeing them in person, and having that structure where we would just eat lunch together every day or every weekday and participate in clubs after school.”

2020 has been stressful and a new national survey shows American’s mental health is suffering from all the tension. The American Psychological Association finds the youngest generation “Gen Z” is reporting the highest levels of stress and depressive symptoms of all adults.

Emma Adam, who is a PhD professor of education and social policy, says “One important part of this time period of life is finding your place in the world, both the world of social relationships, as well as the world of education and work. This generation is really struggling.”

Adults ages 18-23 and teens ages 13-17 are considered Gen Z. Developmental Psychologist Dr. Emma Adam says stress related to the pandemic, the economy, racism and the election are all factors. “Social connections are really important. So we need to help them find safe ways to socialize. But perhaps more importantly, is that we need the availability of mental health services for this generation of youth.”

Michelle founded a group for student mental health reform. “Many schools across the U-S have sick days but what about for mental health? We are currently working on that.”

She stays connected with friends through texts and virtual school events. She would like to become a psychologist to give back to her community.

The survey found overall nearly 8 in 10 adults say the pandemic is a significant source of stress in their lives…and three in 5 say the many issues the country is facing are overwhelming to them.

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