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Every week we talk about taking control of your own life and living intentionally.  The definition of this is very different from what it was twenty years ago.  As women, doing things for yourself were considered luxuries.  Now things like, working out, doing yoga, meditating or even going to get a massage are necessities.

I sat down with Donna Miller who is the Owner, General Manager, and Program Director at Rub me the right way, Inc. and Massage school and she explains massage, “really does improve your mind, body and spirit when you can take that time.  Then your benefit is more or less your skin and your muscles and when that feels better, you feel better.”

And honestly feeling better in this day and age where we run ourselves ragged is a must. Rub me the right way has been open for fifteen years and brought a whole new concept to Lubbock and helping with massage not just for relaxation but for a lot of problem issues.  Massage can be great for a whole host of problems but Donna says they see clients with specific needs. “Number one are headaches and migraines, two would be sciatica issues, and muscle spasms.  People get locked up in muscle spasms and so that is something we commonly fix.” And they aren’t just for the 35-60 age bracket at rub me the right way.  Donna says, “we have created a concept and a reason for young kids who have sports injuries to elderly people with old age aches and pains, and so we created a concept here that has helped to change the way massage is looked at and that it can be used for medical benefits and not just a pampering thing people used to do, we can actually fix a lot of issues.”

There are a lot of benefits to massage, “benefits overall, the main one it increases your circulation you know we get so stagnant in our exercise that we lose our mobility, flexibility, and also circulation so massage helps to circulate and help unclog any toxins in the body and hopefully excretes that through the excretory system, and overall helping you feel better.”

There are several types of massage, from the reflexology for the hands and feet, to the Swedish that is relaxing to the sports massage that is a combination of massage and stretching.  When how often to get a massage, Donna says, “It depends on how active you are but ideally you should get one once a week.  If you’re not as active you can do every other week, but no less than once a month if you want to stay with good circulation and flexibility with your body.”

She says no matter what your life looks like, taking time for yourself is of utmost importance.  “It’s a way to disconnect as well because we really don’t allow cell phones in the rooms, so it’s not only a way to treat your muscles and your body but it’s also a 30-90 minute disconnect.”

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