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Lubbock, TX —

Two mental health workers in Lubbock are offering an alternative to prescriptions. Weighted blankets and other deep touch pressure simulators have been shown to help reduce anxiety…help insomnia…and treat a number of other mental health issues without medication.  And now Lubbock has a local choice for personalized care.

Cassandra Ratcliff and Donna Moore know a thing or two about mental health.  And they want to empower the people of Lubbock to take charge of their own wellness.
Moore says, “it’s not about mental illness it’s about mental health being proactive about not getting to a poin t where youre depressed or anxious or whatever.”
Weighted blankets are all over social media…claiming the ability to relieve symtoms from anxiety…insomnia…PTSD and a number of other issues.  But just how exactly are they supposed to work?

Donna Moore, co-owner of Stitching 4 Comfort, Psychiatric Physican Assistant, tells us, “it’s more about how your body responds to that touch that pressure that’s why it helps for stress anxiety and pain helping to fall asleep it’s all your body’s responses to that deep touch.”

And at Stitching 4 Comfort they offer even more options to help people find relief. And Moore says, “we want to make it individualized to the person we make them  custom. And even scented like lavander.

Cassandra Ratcliff uses the products and says, “the shawls that are weighted you can put it across your back or your chest everyone responds to a different when two different pressure points. like the pressure of a child on your lap or a baby in your arms,  touch is so important to our function to our health to being whole.”

Stitching 4 Comfort hopes their products can be used in a variety of ways to help soothe by simulating touch like a hug.

Ratcliff adds, “I think it helps a lot for grounding it helps a lot as some who uses it for anxiety and ptsd that pressure on my chest or shoulder, it helps me be more aware of my body really helps for grounding.”

Ultimately their goal is to help encourage the people of Lubbock explore all their options when it comes to mental health. 

Moore finishes saying, “It’s self care, it’s something you can do without having to go get a prescription. or going to see your doctor.  These are things you can try without having to take that next step.”

For more information you can find them on Facebook at Stitching 4 Comfort or find them on Instagram at Stitching 4 Comfort.  Or head out to the Wolfforth Library on Saturday, May 18th from 11AM-5PM and visit with them and check out all of the different options.

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