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Giving gifts to children during the holidays and seeing their eyes light up with joy, something every parent loves to see.  Before you get those presents wrapped or send a list to Santa, here are some things you need to remember.

“So there are warnings and labels on every single toy but most people ignore them and those labels have been developed for a reason.”  UMC Pediatrician, Dr. Zeitouni says you  have to make sure toys are age appropriate.  “A lot of them are designed for the smaller kids because there are things that can detach, pop off, seem fun and your child will want to play with but a child could choke on it or even swallow it.”

But she says you also have to think about the ages of the other kids in the house.  “A five and one year old, that Lego set probably isn’t the best idea or Shopkins.”  Once kids are old enough to know not to put things in their mouths, we don’t worry as much, but we should.  “For school aged kids there are labels on there not specifically for the difficulty of playing with the toy but the appropriateness of the toy and some of the DIY products are really not meant to be played with unless you have an adult supervising.” 

The hardest things to gage are video games.  “Older kids need to have the maturity to accept what they are doing, the violence can be ingrained in children we always worry about the game and the graphicness, really just understanding the overall meaning behind it.  If you have a 10 year old playing the same game as a 20 year old you may want to rethink that.”

And of course Christmas is the most popular time for ride on toys.  “Bikes, scooters, skateboards, hover boards, they all need a helmet.  It doesn’t take a high impact hit.  Get them used to wearing one early like the seat belt.

For more information on toy safety, Click Here.

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