Health is one of the five essentials for Intentional Living.  With October being breast cancer awareness month, there is no better time to remind women to make your health more of a priority. According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, when breast cancer is detected early, the 5-year survival rate can be greater than 98%. We talk with a recent breast cancer survivor who shares why your wellness is so important. Holly Latham just finished all of her surgeries and treatments and says, “I just think your health in general should be important to you whether it’s cancer or heart disease or anything.  Whatever you need to do to take care of yourself.”  Something she knows all too well.  Holly shares, “the American Cancer Society says you should be getting a mammogram baseline at age 40.  So I just called my Dr. and said I think it’s time and she said yes it is, put in the order.  So I did and I went and had it done so I went in thinking it is just a mammogram, in and out, and five hours later I walk out with ‘you probably have breast cancer.'” 

      The thing is that we can’t let fear paralyze us from doing our own self breast exams at least once a month…the word Cancer is scary, but not knowing is scarier.  Holly agrees they are very important, “I would do self exams often, I think it’s just something as women we do in the shower, you just do it.  I think if you’re more intentional in doing a more thorough exam then women may find lumps sooner.” 

      Something to consider is being more intentional about setting up all of your yearly appointments at the beginning of the year will help take away the fear.  Holly says after her diagnosis, “I was scared, you go through all kinds of feelings.  Why is this happening to me? I’m scared.  What did I do?  I take care of myself.  And there’s jus no answers.”  Life doesn’t go as you planned it, so living each day to the fullest should be a priority in each of our lives.  Do it for your family and your friends.  Holly says, “I just think if I can help one person, then it’s been worth it to me to go through this journey.  Not something you sign up to do, Hey I want to educate everyone on breast cancer, that sounds super!  But if I can encourage women to get their mammograms and do their self checks in order to God forbid find it early and you’re able to live the rest of your life, then it’s worth it.”

      Everyone’s breasts are different.  What is normal for you may not be your best friend’s normal.  Get to know the normal look and feel of your breasts.  And remember your breast tissue extends up your collarbone, around to your armpits and in to your breastbone.  You can find out what your risk of breast cancer is by logging on to