“It’s gonna come to Lubbock,” City officials address planning for Coronavirus


LUBBOCK, Texas — City leaders held a press conference on Wednesday, to address the plan in place in the event a case of coronavirus is confirmed in Lubbock.

Mayor Dan Pope said there are not any specific events coming up that they are particularly concerned about, and the city will make fact-based decisions moving forward.

“We want to use common sense,” Pope said. “But we want to always make sure we’re well informed.”

Dr. Ron Cook said the Coronavirus most commonly presents as a high fever, paired with a cough or a runny nose.

“The unique thing about this one is that our immune system hasn’t seen this virus before” Cook said. “And that’s why it’s affecting us so severely.”

Cook said he is sure of one thing:

“It’s gonna come to Lubbock,” he said.

Cook said it’s best to call your doctor and schedule a time to get tested instead of going out in public to the doctor’s office.

“There will be tough decisions that need to be made soon in our community” Cook said. “And not everybody is going to be happy about it, but we got to think of what’s best for the individual and what’s best for the community as a whole.”

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