Latinas for a Cure raises awareness about breast cancer


LUBBOCK, Texas — Latinas for a Cure is raising awareness in October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness for those of the Hispanic culture.

Latinas for a Cure was started by Christy Martinez-Garcia 18 years ago and it has been successful since.

“I would share that information about doing self exams and getting their mammograms, [but] I kept seeing more Latinas getting breast cancer,” Martinez-Garcia said. “So we decided we needed to be a little bit more supportive of each other and utilize any opportunities to bring awareness to breast cancer.”

She was able to spread information about checking your ‘conchas’ through her publication of Latino Lubbock Magazine and through her families personal experience too.

“Here’s some tips on how to be prepared or share a story about breast cancer or just remind them that it is so essential, you know, because it’s a daily reminder, they’re seeing it through all these national campaigns, and we just want to make sure that they realize that they could potentially also be impacted.’ Martinez-Garcia said.

Her mother, Janie Castaneda, is a breast cancer survivor and said that she was thankful for all the things her daughter would tell her about breast cancer because she never thought it would happen to her.

“I just woke up one morning and I accidentally felt the lump, but I would have a mammogram every year. And thank God that I did, I was due for a mammogram in July,” Castaneda said.

She said a month after this, she had surgery after being diagnosted.

“I didn’t waste one second. I mean, the next day, when I felt that lump in my breast, I was calling my doctors and making appointments. I never lost my faith,” Castaneda said.

Castaneda said she is living proof of the importance of breast cancer awareness, particularly in the Hispanic community.

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