Linda Wilhite’s Family Wants Answers on the One Year Anniversary of Her Disappearance


Lubbock Police Department using all possible resources to continue to search for 67-year-old Linda Wilhite’s body on the one year anniversary of her disappearance. 

“This is an unusual type case because we don’t have a body, like one would think of when you have a normal homicide investigation,” LPD’s Sergeant Marcus Wall said.

Wall is the supervisor for this homicide investigation and said cases like this are rare but still happen. 

“It has been extremely difficult, strange,” Linda’s Brother Lonnie Wilhite said. “I went down there and checked on her every day. She lived just three doors down.”

Lonnie said he knew something was not right after Wilhite stopped returning his calls on Tuesday. After a Meals on Wheels representative reported no response for her order, LPD soon responded for a missing persons report that Friday. 

“I felt empty inside and I felt scared for her, I really did,” Lonnie said. “I was worried about her safety.”

Documents state officers found what appeared to be human blood on the carpet, blankets, and a pillow in a bedroom closet. 

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“We continue to work the case. Obviously we follow up on leads, we still continue to get information that requires us to follow up on regarding the possible whereabouts of Ms. Wilhite,” Wall said. “Investigators that are in charge of working the case follow up on those leads. We continue to remain in contact with the family, and we continue to look over the case to see if there might have been something we need to follow up on that wasn’t originally followed up on.”

After collecting evidence from the scene and information from her phone records, Wilhite’s son, 45-year-old Kody Climber was arrested and indicted for her murder a month after her disappearance. This is the further this has has gone thus far. 

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“You have to look at every piece of information related to this case,” Wall said. “You would look at financial information, look at phone information, you would look at people that had been in contact with.”

Wall added that finding her body is a top priority in this case. 

“The investigators had to spend a large amount of time tracking down every little bit of information because it could the piece of information that tells us what happened but could potentially also lead us to Ms. Wilhite.”

He added that Crime Line tips have lead investigators to possible leads in this case. Anyone with information is asked to call that number at 741-1000, the call can remain anonymous. 

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