LISD Elementary Teacher Roots on Father at Inauguration from A Far

LUBBOCK, TX - Students at Smith Elementary School crowded around a monitor in the library on Friday morning to watch President Donald Trump get sworn into office. Fourth graders like Catalina Cottrell said this is the first time her age group has really been able to fully understand what an inauguration is.

"I love when he put his hand on the bible and said the oath, and I think it was very interesting to watch." said Cottrell. 

Other students like Thomas Mann took a minute to fantasize what it would be like to live in the White House, and have the experience of an inauguration first hand. 

"I would invite like 50 people and each person would have their own room, I would put in a pool and a bowling alley and invite friends over every night," said Mann.

Second grade social studies teacher, Suzanna Stephens said Friday's inauguration ceremony was very special to her because her father was invited to be on a float in the parade. Serving in two Vietnam war tours, her father Lynn Stephens is in the Vietnam Veterans Helicopter Pilots Association of North Carolina.

"They are bringing six helicopters down the parade that have been restored, and these are from the Vietnam era," said Stephens. "I'm proud my dad is going to be a part of history."

Stephens said her father came to visit her second grade class for Veterans Day and told some of his experiences he had in the war. Second grader, Mylie Walters said she enjoyed hearing of his challenges and exciting tales as a pilot. 

"Sometimes if people came and attacked him they would fight them back with their helicopters," said Walters. 



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