A Littlefield man was deemed a hero after he stepped in Friday to help his neighbors who police say were being assaulted.

Adam Armstrong has his license to carry, and when he saw his neighbors being attacked, he used his gun to intimidate the suspect. 

“He got to the driveway and pulled a knife, so I grabbed my pistol,” Armstrong said. 

Littlefield Police have arrested 25-year-old Ruben Lopez. Armstrong said Lopez lived across the street from his family, and this wasn’t the first time he’s had problems with Lopez. 

Armstrong said once he pulled out his gun, Lopez walked across the street where he was then arrested by police. 

“My house didn’t become a crime scene, and now I don’t have a young man’s blood on my hands,” Armstrong said. 

Armstrong has had his license to carry for about 6 months. He said incidents like these are the exact reason he got his license.

“I have always believed in my rights as an American, and I have always believed in my rights to be safe,” Armstrong said.

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