Local animal clinics report first snake bites of the season


As the weather warms up, local animal clinics are starting to warn the public to be on the look out for snakes. 

According to a local clinics, they have seen their first snake-bite cases. Snakes are generally more active in the Spring and curious animals may get bitten if they bother them. 

“A lot depends on where they’re bit and the size of the snake,” said Dr. Robert Taylor, a veterinarian and owner of 82nd Street Veterinary Clinic. “Now, believe it or not, on the face or head is one of the better places to get bit.”

He said some symptoms you’ll notice if your animal is bitten are swelling, sudden weakness, and vomiting. Once taken to the vet, he said they have to go through specific treatment.

“Antivenom would be the ideal treatment, plus antibiotics and some people use corticosteroid. Some don’t,” Taylor said. 

Dr. Taylor said the common rattlesnake we’ll see in West Texas is the Western Diamondback and their venom can cause extensive damage.

“It poisons the cells and the blood and that’s why you get all this black stuff,” Taylor explains. 

If you live in rural areas, he suggests getting your animals vaccinated. 

“It is not 100 percent. If it’s a bad bite, it might die. A dog that might die, it might keep him from dying. If it would’ve been a really bad bite, now might not be as bad,” he said. 

Dr. Taylor said in 2018 he saw at least 6 snake bites cases in his clinic, but hasn’t seen any cases this year, so far. 

You can find the 82nd Street Veterinary Clinic on facebook here. They have some cats up for adoption!

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