With the Texas Rangers investigation looking into  Dr. Sam Andrews, NAAG Pathology Labs, and Dr. Evan Matshes, there a lot of moving parts to consider. 

Not only is there the criminal investigation, but former employee, Senee Graves has filed a civil lawsuit for wrongful termination as well. 

Benn Webb, a local attorney broke down with these lawsuits could mean for the doctos, NAAG, and even the County Commissioners Office. 

“You’ve kind of got parallel issues going on,” Webb said. “You have the Texas Rangers investigation where individuals could be facing criminal liability and depending on the findings could be up to a state jail felony.” 

Webb said in Texas law there is a code section addressing abuse of a corpse, and if these allegations turn out to be true, those convicted could face up to two years of state jail time. 

 “There are certain laws in Texas that say what you can and can’t do with a corpse and who can and can’t do it,” Webb said. “So if there were any findings that anybody who is not licenses is practicing, there could be criminal liability.” 

Webb said not only will the investigation look into the doctors and NAAG, but the County Commissioners Office as well. 

 “If these allegations turn out to be true I think there is going to be a fallout from potentially county commissioners who were involved in bringing NAAG to town,” Webb said. 

Webb said he believes that as time goes on, there will be a lot more details that are uncovered, and other pending criminal cases that will be impacted.

“Just from an interested observer I think we are in for a lot more days with a lot more fireworks,” Webb said. 

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