Local Man Files Lawsuit Against Lubbock Police Officer

Councilwoman's Husband Claims Assault at Traffic Stop

LUBBOCK, TX - The husband of a local city council woman has filed a lawsuit against a Lubbock Police officer in reference to a traffic stop from January 2015 that he claims took a violent turn. 

According to the lawsuit, in the early morning hours of January 13, 2015 Shaun Harris, husband of Lubbock District Two city councilwoman, Shelia Patterson-Harris, was returning home from the hospital after his mother had just passed away. Due to icy road conditions, Harris says he was driving about five to ten miles an hour. 

As Harris was nearing his home, Lubbock police officer Hugh Glen Osborn began to follow Harris' car and turned on his lights, unbeknownst to Harris as to why. 

Dashcam video shows Osborn walking to Harris' car door after pulling him over. Osborn opens Harris' door, leans into the car and appears to to get into a verbal altercation with Harris.

The lawsuit states Osborn physically assaulted Harris by "pushing him, choking him, punching him and repeatedly head butting Plaintiff [Harris]." As stated in the document, the altercation ends after Harris' phone began to ring, then Osborn grabbed it and threw it at Harris' head. The lawsuit goes on to state that after the assault, "Defendant Osborn simply got in his  vehicle and drove away." 

The lawsuit is being handled by Harris' attorney, Nick Olguin with Olguin & Price, Attorneys at Law. 

In response to the lawsuit, the City of Lubbock issued the following statement: 

"The City of Lubbock does not comment on pending litigation. However, due to the unique circumstances surrounding this case, the council person related to the Plaintiff will recuse herself and will not be present or participate whenever the matter is discussed. The council member agrees that recusal is appropriate and in the best interest of all parties."
As more updates become available, we will be sure to keep you updated on EverythingLubbock.com. 

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