On East 17th Street in central Lubbock, the long-time local Caviel Pharmacy shuts theirs doors and reopens as an African American history museum. 
Alfred and Billie Caviel opened the Caviel Pharmacy in East Lubbock in 1949. The Roots Historical Arts Council and Museum referred to it as one of the only “Black-owned business” in the “Flats Area” at the time. 
“It’s ironic that the location that we’re in right now, is that this is where the African American population started at in Lubbock, TX,” Roots Historical Arts Council Assistant Director and Treasurer Cosby Morton said. “This was originally a pharmacy that was owned by a black couple, Alfred Caviel and Billie Caviel, and they were in business for about 50 years.”
After their retirement, Mrs. Caviel offered to donate their building to Roots as long as the organization agreed to establish it as the area’s first African American museum. In honor of their work and legacy, Roots transformed the vacant building into the Caviel African American Museum. 
“This is a part of Lubbock, a part of Lubbock’s history,” Morton said. “I can think about a lot of things as I look out the window here that were around when I was a young guy and that’s what we want to do. We want to revitalize this by bringing art to the community and culture. That’s one of the main things you use to revitalize and community and that’ll bring the people in.”
Roots, Texas Tech University, Lubbock City Council, and other local organizations are involved in this project, and is completely run by volunteers. It displays paintings, murals, and statues from Lubbock artists, local celebrities, and residents wanting to show the historical value of the community.
“This is for everybody,” Morton said. “This is not just zeroed in on African Americans. We want everybody to understand the culture because this is a part of the history of Lubbock, TX.”
It is open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, available every other day of the week by appointment. 
Anyone interested can contact museum staff at 806-928-4268 or 806-773-6046.