Sundey Land said early Tuesday morning three intruders came into her home, then robbed and assaulted her.

“I’ve got some black eyes and a broken nose and my jaw is sore but after watching the tapes I am very lucky it wasn’t worse,” Land said.

Land said she have surveillance videos setup inside her home and she said they caught the entire assault on camera.

“You can see in the video. You can see I tried to fight back but the only thing that saved me was screaming,” Land said.

The Lubbock Police report said that three suspects entered Land’s central Lubbock home without her consent. The report said the suspects assaulted her while committing theft but non of the suspects were located.

“I just need to make sure they don’t flee Lubbock before they get arrested. They are dangerous. They didn’t just hold me down to steal my stuff they beat the heck out of me,” Land said. 

Land said the suspects lived in her neighborhood.

“I went and knocked on all the doors and I talked to my neighbors. I let them know they haven’t been arrested and that is where they live,” Land said.