Despite the rain and floods sweeping through the South Plains, that did not stop volunteers and employees from Lowe’s Home Improvement from lending a helping hand to Paul’s Project – Grace Campus.

Each year, the Lowe’s “Heroes” and “Voice” team chooses a local non-profit to volunteer with. This year they chose Grace Campus and are working hard to make renovations to its main office, where residents not only receive counseling, but also where they go to shower, use the bathroom and pick up necessities such as food, water and toiletries.

And the rain isn’t slowing them down.

“We’ve been pretty much just working around it, no water is going to stop us from doing anything, so we’re still painting and doing everything on the inside. The outside will be done this weekend,” said D.J. Perez, the Voice captain for Lowe’s. “We try to help a nonprofit that’s just needing an upgrade, every year we do this.” 
For Chris Moore, the director of Grace Campus, he says seeing the volunteers all working hard to paint the walls, strip down old material and making huge improvements to the building means a lot not only to him, but the entire campus as a whole.
“They [Lowe’s] chose us this year for their big project because we are a big project,” said Moore. “Everything is in there  [main office building]. If somebody comes in off the streets with nothing but the clothing on their backs, we’ll have everything in the building.”
Edward Guerra, who has lived at Grace Campus for the past two months with his wife says he and his neighbors feel very appreciative toward Lowe’s and its volunteers for their selfless service.
“It’s going to be a whole lot nicer place,” said Guerra. “If it weren’t for this place, a lot of us would still be in the streets, still going through rain and pretty hard struggles, and I’m thankful that Lowe’s is here to make a difference.” 
On Saturday the Lowe’s crew will return to Grace Campus to finish up painting the exterior of the building. This is the same group who put up the first tiny home at the campus in early August. 
Interested in lending a helping hand to Grace Campus yourself? Visit their website here for information on how you can get involved.