LPD is hiring, hopeful to have final team by March 2022


LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock Police Department is hiring and their testing date is November 6.

The department does not have a set number of individuals to join the team. They said they hope to have their final team by March 2022.

“We are trying to fill positions, we need more officers on the streets and we have openings for police officers.” Mike Irby, Corporal at the LPD, said.

The recruitment team said there are several requirements like age, credit and education.

“You have to have your high school diploma or GED, you must be a US citizen. You can’t have anything over a class a misdemeanor, no felonies. Another thing that we also go through is a credit check. It’s not necessarily your credit score we’re looking for, we’re looking at the debt to income ratio, looking to see if you’re paying your bills on time,” Sharniece King, a police officer with LPD, said.

“We’re also going through residential history, education, history, all of that, and then calling References So it’s very important that you put down people that are reliable that are going to answer the phone for us.”

The recruitment team said starting pay has increased to just over $60,000, and the job includes a large number of other benefits.

King said this includes uniforms, a clothing allowance for each year and take home vehicles.

“We also offer shift differential pay based on which shift you go to once you’re out on your own,” he said. “We also have great retirement through [the Texas Municipal Retirement System]. For every dollar you put in, the city matches that with $2. It’s a 20-year retirement,” King said.

The process can take several months, and people can’t move to the next steps unless they pass the written and physical exams.

“You’ll have the written portion that you’ll have to pass it [with at least a 70]. In order to pass, it’s about 100 to 200 questions, [including] math, reading, writing, and then there’s a behavioral portion,” King said. “You have to pass that in order to go to the physical portion. From there, that will be a 2,000 meter row for time.

“Once you pass both the written and the physical portion in the same day, then we’ll give you that personal history statement, which is the background check. From there, we will give you two weeks normally to complete that. And then from there, you turn that back into us at the Academy.”

The recruitment team encourages everyone who wants to apply to prepare by going to their Facebook page and viewing their workouts and taking a practice test. You can find out more information on their website.

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