Lubbock Police were able to stop a burglar in his tracks early Tuesday morning at the America Pawn Shop located off of 50th street and Avenue P. 

At approximately 4:45 a.m. Lubbock Police were dispatched to an alarm at the shop. When they arrived, they found glass on the floor, and that a metal cage of a window had been broken in. 

As they began to clear the building, they heard a noise from where the guns are kept in the store. That’s when they saw 26-year-old Trey Kimbrell running through the store trying to take off what appeared to be body armour.  

Kimbrell tried to make a quick escape from officers, but they were eventually able to place him in handcuffs on scene. 

As officers continued to search the building they found locks had been cut from the gun cabinets and that multiple guns had been taken and placed in a bag. Officers were also able to determine that the body armour that Kimbrell was wearing was store property. 

Kimbrell has been arrested on charges of burglary of a building, theft, resisting arrest, in addition to three outstanding warrants.

Despite the break-in, the store is open and staff members were busy Tuesday morning welcoming in and helping customers.