LUBBOCK, Texas — Some Lubbock Power and Light customers have seen higher electric bills in recent months, but the rates have not changed, the utility company told on Wednesday.

LP&L said it’s normal to see bills in the winter and summer months that are roughly double what you pay in the spring and fall months.

“I want my bill to go down,” said LP&L customer Elizabeth Stewart.

Spokesperson for LP&L, Matt Rose, suggested keeping fireplace dampers closed, using ceiling fans to circulate warm air and weatherizing homes to save energy.

“I’ve been keeping the AC higher during the day, even when I’m home. I’ve been doing what they told me to do,” Stewart explained.

Last October, she paid nearly $80 for electricity. Fast forward fourth months to her latest bill, Stewart said she had to pay more than double.

“I’ve been living here for three and a half years, and I’ve never had that issue. So, I went over to our complex office just to ask. One of the women who works in the office said that I was definitely not the first person to come in that morning- that everybody had been complaining about the rates going up,” Stewart said.

LP&L said its rates have been locked since 2017.

“It is exactly the same pattern that we see every single year and that every electric utility across the United States sees every single year. Customers that are heating with electricity are using more electricity because it’s cold outside, and I know it sounds simple, but it is as simple as that,” Rose stated.

The good news is that there are ways to save a pretty penny, Rose shared.

“If you will, go to, we have a section called Powerful Pointers, and under that section you can pick out energy efficiency tips, both for winter and summertime usage.”

Keep in mind, he added, people can use the powerful pointers and still see a higher electric bill.

“We see it all the time where folks say, ‘I have not changed my habits and I’ve seen my electric bill grow’ as we head into winter or as we head into summer and that is natural. The point is to try to be energy efficient and stem off that increase as much as you possibly can.”

Later this year, Lubbockites will have the power to choose, LP&L explained.

“We will have a shopping window at the end of summer where customers can go out and they can choose their new providers, and then get prepared to transition our customers to their new providers in the late fall of 2023.”