Lubbock Animal Services had to put down six dogs after they attacked and killed an 88-year-old woman on Wednesday. LAS said that was protocol to keep the community safe. 

Director Steven Greene, with LAS, said in his entire time working with the department, he hasn’t seen an attack this severe.

“I’ve been here since August of 2013 with the department and I haven’t ever seen an attack that’s caused a death within the city,” Greene said.


He said the dogs that killed Johnnie Mae Garner were all pit bull mixes. The police report shows the owner of the dogs called 911 when he heard Garner calling for help. Sadly, she didn’t survive it. 

“That is a high profile area there’s a lot of fences in disrepair so we do get a lot of calls about animals at large,” Greene said. 

Mr. Green explained in the last year, there were nearly 800 dog and cat bites investigated in the city, but never a bite that killed someone. 

“Anytime we get a call on an aggressive animal we respond to that whether it’s after hours, weekends, holidays, or during business hours,” he said. 

All of the dogs were sent to a state lab in Austin where they’ll be tested for rabies. Greene said we should expect those results soon.

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