LUBBOCK, Texas — On Wednesday, the Lubbock County Detention Center hosted their first coronavirus vaccine clinic.

Inmates were given the option between the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the two-shot Moderna vaccine. However, most opted for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Capt. Kathleen Finley said the one-shot inoculation is more accessible because some inmates may not be at the facility for a second dose.

Finley said the clinic was a joint effort between the detention center and the Lubbock Health Department.

“We provided consent forms and information prior to the clinic for about a week, making sure that all of our inmates were informed of their options for those vaccines,” Finley said.

As of Wednesday morning, Finley said about 155 inmates signed up to receive their vaccine.

“That’s really a great number. When we’re talking about percentages, that’s very comparable to what we’re seeing in the community,” Finley said.

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, qualifying prisoners were eligible for vaccines in late March. The CDC reports correctional and detention facility staff were able to get the vaccine during Phase 1B of the Vaccination Program.

Finley said the facility does not require inmates to receive their vaccine but asks that they take precautions.

“Whether that’s the vaccine or taking the precautions of wearing masks, PPE or hygiene, sanitary steps–all of that’s necessary to protect anyone,” Finley said.

Wearing masks is no longer mandatory and visitations have returned. Despite this, LCSO is reporting fewer cases of COVID-19 at their facility.

“We’ve had a few weeks off and on, throughout this period where we’ve had zero cases,” Finley said.

The detention center reported that, as of Wednesday, there were seven positive cases at the facility.

Finley said there could be another vaccine clinic held in the future. However, it would depend on demand for the vaccine.

The Lubbock County Detention Center has a capacity of 1,512 beds.