Lubbock County Judge Predicted Primary Winners Race Towards Runoff Election

LUBBOCK, TX - Two Republican candidates predicted to pass the contested primary election for Lubbock County Judge Tuesday evening. They said they are now shifting focus on the runoff election in May. 

Former Councilman Gary Boren lead the polls in early voting. Tuesday evening he won almost half of the votes at approximately 47% with initial reports in the primary election.

Lubbock Attorney Curtis Parrish followed close behind with more than 30% of the votes. Current Councilwoman Karen Gibson came out of the primary with approximately 22% of votes, which took her out the running for the next election for this position.

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"The winds of change are blowing in Lubbock County," Boren said. "The citizens are responding to commissioners voting themselves raises. They're responding to appraisal creep and taxation. They're responding to they want to be safe in their homes with Sheriff Rowe, and giving them the tolls. So I'm excited we had the right message and now it's just extra hard work to go after it and we're going to do what we have to do to win this cause."

"Education, experience, and willingness," Parrish said. He argued his "unique qualifications" will give him the best resources compared to other candidates.

"This is a judicial position," he added. "Lubbock County Judge oversees probate and mental health cases. This is my primary area of practice. This is a very important position. This will determine th leadership of Lubbock County. Do we lead with vision? Do we lead with an idea of we're able to be the voice of Lubbock County? Do we represent the county at all various levels of government, including the City, the State, and Federal Government. Therefore I feel uniquely qualified to be able to represent Lubbock County."

Since a democratic candidate is not running in this election, the winner of the runoff election in May will be the new Lubbock County Judge.  

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