Lubbock drivers in the top 25 percent in the country

LUBBOCK, Texas - Lubbock drivers are getting some attention after placing 49th in the country in safe driving by Allstate Insurance. This means Lubbock drivers are in the top 25 percent in the country, a statistic that has led to mixed reactions.

"Our definition of a traffic jam is 5 o'clock on the loop. You have to wait five minutes to get where you want to go," said Russell Donaway, owner of Russell Donaway Insurance, an affiliate of Allstate.

With less traffic, there's less opportunity to get into an accident. Allstate said Lubbock is fairly safe because most drivers have an average of 13 years between crashes.

"You will have people who have more than their share of claims, but then you have elderly couples who have never been in this position," said Donaway. "We have to guide them through the experience because it's the first time in their 70 years that they've had a claim."

Others like Denny Belewu, a Lubbock driver, said he has been in a fair share of accidents but is not surprised by the ranking.

"I get to cussing every once in awhile, but then I get on I-35 and see that there's a bunch of good people around here," said Belewu.

However, some see the ranking as a joke. They say Lubbock has some of the worst drivers in the country.

"It can get really bad sometimes," said Hezekiah Gallegos, a Lubbock driver. "I'll get cut off, or people will turn illegally, and they just don't care."

"As a regular driver, just driving around in general and seeing the amount of crashes we have shows that there's a lot of animosity," said Nicole Touchstone, a Lubbock driver.

Donaway agrees that Lubbock has its problems, but he believes that if you have a problem here, you should check out the bigger cities.

"Sometimes these drivers cut me off, but compared to Dallas, I would drive in Lubbock any day," said Donaway.

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