LUBBOCK, Texas — The Miller family began its own act of kindness challenge on Monday to inspire others to do the same. The Millers participated in ‘Joy Week,’ completing an act of kindness every day for five days.

Kelsey Miller said she got the inspiration to complete several acts of kindness from one of her coworkers.

“I’d seen another realtor online that I work with do a Joy Day, and I thought that was a way we could give back and give kindness and teach our children to do that as well,” Miller said.

Kelsey Miller works for Keller Williams Realty. The company does its own ‘Joy Week’ as well.

“I feel like there’s a lot of tension in the world with the unknown right now and he just wanted to give back,” Miller said.

The family went online, looking for ways to give back to its community. The challenge began with their mail carrier. The Millers left her money for lunch and a card. On day two, the family left kind reviews for their favorite local businesses. Day three, they delivered drinks to bankers. On day four, they left cookies for their neighbors, and finally on day five, they left uplifting sticky notes for folks at UMC.

“Our thought process was to give back without having to spend a ton of money so everyone could do it,” Miller said.

Miller said it’s a way to fill their own buckets with goodness.

“To me, it was huge to be able to do that and to involve my family, not just me,” Miller said. “It fills you up, and to watch other people receive that joy is pretty cool.”

But it didn’t stop with the Millers. They began receiving some of that joy back. Family and friends started their own ‘Joy Week’ as well.

“It’s okay to be having a bad day, but there’s people that can uplift you during that time,” Miller said.

Miller said she and her family will do at least one act of kindness every week, and hopes to inspire others to have their own kindness challenge.