Lubbock health experts explain what comes next after a positive at-home COVID-19 test


LUBBOCK, Texas — Since the beginning of the pandemic, many methods of testing for COVID-19 have emerged, including drive-thru testing and at pop-up sites. In addition to those, take-home Coronavirus tests are available as well.

According to officials, these at-home COVID tests are good at identifying those with symptomatic disease.

“If you take an at-home COVID test, the point and the reason in calling us is to provide good information about antibody infusion, and risk factors just incase you need further medical attention,” Katherine Wells, public health director, said.

Reporting a positive at-home test allows the city to start an investigation that makes sure people who may have been exposed are aware. This is done in order to lower person-to-person spread.

“If someone calls reporting a positive case we start by filling out a form that gets entered with our numbers,” Wells said.

According to officials the at home test can possibly come out as a false negative and officials highly recommend the PCR test.

“The PCR test can be found at your doctors’ offices and at our testing sites that are opening up in the community,” Wells said.

During Wednesday’s local press conference, doctors and public authorities shared how important it is for the public to do their part and continue masking up, getting vaccinated, and social distancing.

“If you are sick, please stay home. We don’t want you infecting anyone else.” said Dr. Ron Cook, public health authority.

To find out where you can get a PCR test, you can visit the Health Department website.

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