Lubbock ISD weighs in on U.S. school nurse shortage

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As school’s around the country deal with a school nurse shortage, Lubbock ISD said the problem doesn’t impact their district and they actually have a long list of nurse applicants. 


“We do a lot of interventions for our kids. It’s not just minor first aide,” said Paulett Rozneck, LISD’s Student Health Services Coordinator. “Our students are complicated. Their families have issues, also. It’s not just a band aid and a peppermint. We actually help our diabetics, the asthma children, kids that might have seizures, kids falling in the playground, break bones.” 


Other school districts in the U.S. aren’t as lucky as LISD. 

CBS reports only three out of five schools across the country have full-time school nurses, forcing school administrators to step in and provide some level of care.


According to Lubbock ISD, they have one full-time nurse at each school in their district, two nurses for the bigger schools. 

Rozneck said the job is harder than people think. 


“They may do vision and hearing screenings throughout the day,” Rozneck said. “Students come in and out of the clinic throughout the whole day. It could be one. It could be up to 40-50 students a day, for various reasons, they come in.”


LISD requires at least three years of nursing experience for the school nurse position. If you’re interested in applying for a school nurse position, you can find their websitehere

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