Lubbock Man Arrested for Aggravated Assault After Pointing Pistol

LUBBOCK,TX - Lubbock Police arrested William Loper for aggravated assault after threatening another man's life with his pistol during an argument Sunday.

Police records show officers were called to a civil disturbance at local business on 34th Street that involved four individuals.

The store owner was making a deal with two fellow businessmen that records state had ongoing issues. Loper was accompanying the owner as a friend.  

The deal quickly escalated to an argument between the two parties and Loper pulled out his pistol stating, "Don't threaten me!"

Police showed up and took away Loper's pistol in the process.

Officials said he obtained the gun legally and had his Concealed Carry License for the weapon. However, his license was taken and held by the Lubbock Police Department until further investigation on this case. 

After more questioning on scene, an officer arrested Loper for aggravated assault for pointing his pistol at the other man and making him fear for his life. 

Loper was booked into the Lubbock County Detention Center. 

The store owner told KLBK and EverythingLubbock.com that, "Everyone is fine now."

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