Lubbock neighborhood concerned about wildlife population and disease


Folks in a Lubbock neighborhood are concerned about the spread of disease after several wild animals were spotted creeping around their yards. They’ve seen skunks, possums and a couple coyotes in the Pine Hills neighborhood. 

“When I’ve been out riding with the horses, the coyotes have actually tried to attack my dog so we had to go the opposite direction.” said Andrea Hurlow, a Pine Hills Neighbor. “Those coyotes have taken two baby goats and a neighbor’s dog.”

Skye Killcrease said a coyote even killed her small dog a few weeks ago.

“My mom just heard a yelp. Looked over and the coyot had my dog,” said Killcrease, “Since it was so close to my mom, we keep a baseball bat by the door and we don’t walk out without it.” 

Pine Hills actually has several people who own farm animals like horses, goats, and chickens. Andrea Hurlow is one of them. 

“They coyotes are kind of looking worse and worse. They’re just looking for food. Their hair coat is looking raggety. They’re thin,” said Hurlow.

She said she’s trying to catch the wild animals that venture in there, but her main concern is if the animals have mange, or even rabies. Hurlow has been working with some agencies to get the animals tested.

“I like the population. I just want to know if there’s a rabies problem,” said Hurlow. 

If this is happening in your neighborhood, you can find out more about possums, foxes, and other wild animals on the city’s website here

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