LUBBOCK, Texas — On May 12, around 3:00 a.m. one Lubbockite answered the door, only to be shot.

The victim asked for a hidden identity for safety concerns.

“The doorbell rang once,” the gunshot victim said. “I wasn’t going to answer because it’s 3:00 in the morning.”

The victim said there were a total of three doorbell rings.

“This time when I was looking into the peephole, I noticed brake lights in the street,” the victim said.

The victim opened the front door, and that’s when a man in a ski mask popped out from around the corner with a gun.

“I just ducked immediately and closed the door.”

The victim was wounded, but fortunately alive after the incident.

“They had no intention of robbing the house,” the victim said. “They just came, shot me, and then left.”

The victim had many questions after the accident, and did not recognize who the two men at the door were. reached out to the Lubbock Police Department. LPD said the case is still actively being investigated and asked that if you recognize the two men, please call Crime Line at 806-741-1000.