Lubbock sees hiring boom after rise in unemployment during pandemic


LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock is in the middle of a hiring boom, and some local economic experts say unemployment numbers have been cut in half since the start of the pandemic. 

“A lot more people are wanting to get out and about now. They are ready to get out of their house and go out to eat and enjoy,” said President of the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance, John Osborne. 

McDonald’s announced that across West Texas a total of 450 jobs will be added. 

Amazon also added new jobs listings in Lubbock, as well as openings popping up with the hotel and hospitality industries. 

“We do know that travelers are getting more interested in travel again, but we are still not to those same levels that we were at prior to the pandemic,” said Osborne. 

But even with so many new jobs some businesses are still finding it difficult to fill their open positions. 

“I think some of that is from the stimulus checks that have been coming out. [As well as] the large amount of unemployment checks and for how long those have been able to be sent to people,” said Obsorne. “People right now are not incentivised to go to work.” 

Despite some hiring trouble, with Texas open and folks finally feeling free to travel, the Lubbock economy is only expected to continue growing.

“That helps our economy. That means they are selling their goods and services, and that means there is more money coming into our community. That also means more individuals with families and income coming in, and they don’t tend to just sit on that income they tend to spend it,” said Osborne. 

And as the economy continues to bounce back, that also means that all types of jobs will once again be available. 

“One of the great parts about Lubbock is that there is such a diverse group of businesses here and the types of positions they hire for is also equally as diverse. So it presents a lot of opportunity for people to find the type of employment that they are looking for,” said Osborne. 

If you are looking for a job, LEDA has all local job postings here.

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