Lubbock woman talks about dog attack, dog trainer gives tips about vicious dogs


It doesn’t always happen, but stray dogs or dogs on the loose seem to be a problem around Lubbock and people have been attacked before. 

Samantha Wales, a Lubbock resident, said she walked to pick up her daughter Ruby from school Wednesday near 52nd Street and Avenue N, but was confronted by a group of angry dogs. 

She said one of them bit her while she was trying to get away from them. 


“When they started getting closer in my personal space that’s when I had to kick them to get away,” Wales said. “I just stepped in front of my daughter Ruby and started stepping back but they kept coming at me.”


She said this is the first time a dog has bitten her in the area.


If approached by an aggressive dog or group of dogs, there are some things people can do in the event of an encounter or even an attack. 


Jolynn Payne, CPDT-KA, a dog trainer and owner of Rocking Paw, said you should try to remain calm. 


“Don’t stare down the dog, of course. If you have something, such as an umbrella, you can open and shut the umbrella so that it, you know, scares the dog to want to go around you and not approach you,” Payne said. 


She said to try to put something in between yourself and the dog. If that doesn’t work, and you don’t have something like pepper spray or taser, stand as still as you can or drop into fetal position. 


“That way you’re not intimidating,” Payne said. “Protect your organs and your neck area.” 

She also said not to scream. 


“The more that you scream and loud pitch noises. The more you’re going to increase the threshold for the dog to be even more anxious and excited,” Payne said. 


The City of Lubbock also tries to control animals as much as possible within city limits.  According to the city ordinance, the city’s animal control ordinance limits the number of pets someone can own in the city. 


As stated by the city’s website, the number of animals per household is four dogs and four cats with one litter under 16 weeks of age by City Ordnance. Four of each animal is the limit. Citizens may not use different combinations like six dogs and two cats and still have eight animals. 


Four of each species is the limit.

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