Today, March 25, the MAGA (short for Make America Great Again) March was held here in Lubbock. Several locals came out to support not only the new administration but the military, first responders and veterans across the nation.

“Were supporting the first responders, the military, the police, the veterans and elected officials. Without them America wouldn’t be possible,” Ranai Dempsey, the coordinator for the MAGA March in Lubbock said.

Participants marched from the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center to the County Courthouse. They were able to see a series of guest speakers, a flag folding procedure and a live band.

“This is a peaceful gathering. There is certainly not going to be any violence,” Kenny Dutcher, a participant in the march said.

Dempsey said the march also included a food donation drive and they were also collecting care packages for the military.

“We need to come together and give each other love, because love multiplies and hate divides. Lets just love each other,” Dutcher said.