Man chases down his stolen truck, gets it back


LUBBOCK, Texas — Devondric Meadows stopped at a 7-Eleven to get something to drink Tuesday night and ended up racing to find his car after it was stolen. 

He had his dog Gwpo with him at the time so he left his truck running to keep Gwpo cool while he ran inside.

“I got in and it was maybe two minutes! I’m paying, I’m holding the door open and as I’m holding the door open I notice my truck is gone,” said Meadows. 

In the short time Meadows was in the 7-Eleven, someone jumped in and drove off with his truck and dog.

“I was freaking out cause that’s my baby,” said Meadows. 

Zachery Altamirano was also at the 7-Eleven getting a snack. He saw everything and immediately jumped in to help.

“[I thought] by the time the cops get here his truck is going to be totaled and ransacked and probably no dog. So I said ‘Man you want to go find your dog and your truck?’ and his eyes lit up and he said ‘Really?’ and I was like ‘Yeah, man!’” said Altamirano.  

The two jumped in Altamirano’s car and sped off in the direction he’d seen the truck go, but around this time Meadows realized he had left something else in his truck.

“He’s like ‘Well, I left my phone in the car so I can’t call anyone.’ And I said ‘Wait, do you have an IPhone?’ and he was like ‘Yeah?’ and I said ‘Does anyone have your location?’” said Altamirano. 

The two then called Meadow’s girlfriend who had Meadow’s location on Find My iPhone. Using that they were able to track the truck ultimately pulling up beside it at a red light.

“At this point I’m not going to lie, I’m emotional, I’m so upset and I’m like ‘No pull in front of him. Let’s cut him off!’” said Meadows. 

Which is exactly what they did. The driver of the truck, later identified as Tanner Cade Halterman, then hit Altamirano’s car. Meadow then pulled Haltman out of the car, and punched him. It was shortly after that that police arrived and arrested Halterman.

“That helpless feeling that you have when something is taken from you is very real and I’ve been there a lot in my life,” said Altamirano. 

Halterman, via the Lubbock County Detention Center

Meadows now just thankful to have his dog and truck back where they belong.

“I got my baby back and I got my baby back,” said Meadows. “Maybe I’ll just hit a drive through or something next time but I know for sure I won’t be leaving my keys in any vehicle for a long time. Forever,” said Meadows. 

Both are glad it’s now just a funny story to tell.

“Two guys just trying to get some snacks, ending up in a weird car crash,” Laughed Altamirano. 

Halterman has been charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. As far as Altamirano’s car – there has been a GoFundMe started to help him pay to fix it. 

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