Mike Leach Case Continues: Court Hearing For Public Documents


A Houston based investigative communications firm, Dolcefino Consulting, filed a lawsuit against Texas Tech University requiring documents involved in the termination investigation of former football coach Mike Leach.

Thursday afternoon, Judge Sowders heard from Dolcefino’s attorneys, The Pettit Firm, and the Attorney General’s Office of Texas during a court hearing. Each side presented their argument today on the legality of Texas Tech giving Dolcefino Consulting all documents in this investigation. 

This case dates back to 2009 when Leach was fired from his position as head football coach at the University. 

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Leach’s initial case made it to the Texas Supreme Court. It was later dismissed. He since hired Dolcefino  Consulting to investigate this case and look into the University. 

He argued that he has made at least 45 different public information requests to the University. However, he claims not all documents were provided. 

“Texas Tech should do the right thing,” Dolcefino said. “They should pay this guy. They should release all th documents. So let’s move on and I think it’s time to close the book on the leach case and the way to do that is to release the records.”

In response to part of Dolcefino’s allegations Thursday, Tech officials gave EverythingLubbock.com this statement, “The investigation ended when Coach Leach was terminated, so there was not a final report responsive to that specific request. However, the draft report was responsive to a subsequent request, and was provided to Mr. Dolcefino in march. There is no other report.”

A ruling on the court hearing has not been determined at this time. 

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