Mosquito Population Increases After Recent Storms

After all this rain, experts warn there will be an increase in mosquitoes on the South Plains. 
“We probably will see a significant number because of as much rain as we’ve gotten over the four day weekend and with the standing water,” said Texas Tech Bio Biological Threat Research Laboratory professor, Dr. Steve Presley. “A lot of the flood species are going to hatch out, there will be more mosquitoes.  
The standing water in backyards or on the sides of roads created by the storms are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Some people say they are already feeling the increase. 
“I live out in the country where there’s a lot of fields around and tall grass and weeds. When you walk through the grass they swarm you,” Eddie Scoggins said. 
Many Lubbock parents are taking extra precaution while outside and spraying their kids with bug repellent. 
To stay away from the pests, Dr. Presley said to avoid being outside at dawn and dusk and invest in a good bug repellent. 
“It’s nice to picnic under the tree near a pond or a lake, but that’s where mosquitoes will be so really it goes back to the personal protection,” Presley said. 
Mosquito bites aren’t dangerous even though some people can have severe reactions. 
“Some people are more allergic or have more of an immune response to mosquito bites,” Presley said. “People will get a huge welt and there whole arm will turn red and itch real bad and maybe get a little hot.”
Researchers have tested mosquitoes for the West Nile virus and Zika virus, and all the tests have come back negative. 
Lubbock’s Vector Control Department monitors the mosquito populations. If you’re having a problem with mosquitoes you can report it to them by calling 775-3110. 

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