Mosquito season is in full swing

LUBBOCK, Texas - Mosquito season is in full swing as the recent rain and heat has created a perfect haven for the pesky critters.

"So the mosquitoes that pop up after rain are floodwater mosquitoes, and they're annoying, but they are less likely to carry any diseases," said Katherine Wells, director of public heath for the City of Lubbock. 

This type of mosquito is  most likely to be hanging around the area because of recent storms, but more serious mosquitoes are expected to visit the area as recent as July.

"There are up to 30 different types of mosquitoes here in Lubbock," said Wells. "Out of all of them, there are only a handful that could carry diseases, but those are the types we watch out for."

Diseases such as West Nile, Chickungunya, and the Zika Virus. While none of those viruses have been found in  local mosquitoes, it is always important to remain vigilant around bodies of water. 

"It is so important to wear mosquito repellant regularly, cover up with a long-sleeve shirt. All of this will protect you," said Wells. "Avoiding those peak mosquito hours, which is really from dusk to dawn, can also make a big difference."

However, if you find yourself completely surrounded by these pests, Lubbock's Vector Control Center is willing to meet out to where you are to trap and contain them.

"They are always out there, they are always out and about in their trucks, coming and going, and treating the mosquito larvae and water," said Wells.

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