Over a three hour period, more than 40 people were pulled over on the loop after not obeying the Move Over Law. They were enforcing this law to remind people to keep officers and themselves safe. 

“If they’re slowing down, then that gives motorists some time to react to whatever may be occurring in front of them,” said Sergeant John Gonzalez, Department of Public Safety. 

The reason DPS wants to emphasize this law as much as possible is because it’s the leading cause of death for officers.

“Pay attention to those lights. Maybe that the officer needs to go into the right hand lane or for some reason needs to jump out into the lane and travel,’ said Gonzalez. 

This is just to remind people the law is there and they need you to follow it. They don’t want to give you tickets, but all they want to do is keep everyone safe. 

Gonzalez says this won’t be the last time they’ll be enforcing this law and have extra patrols on the streets. 

If you get pulled over, a ticket could be a couple hundred dollars. If you hurt someone, the consequences could be much worse.