A Lubbock resident wants to warn others of a phone scam she almost fell victim to.

“He said I had a warrant out for not going to Grand Jury Duty. He said the Judge signed knowing I would have to pay the fine of $1,000 dollars or go to jail for three days without bond,” the woman who was victim of the scam said.

She said the man called her and told her he needed her location and what type of car she would be driving. She said he then told her she had to meet him at a CVS or Rite Aid with cash.

“He said I had to stay on the line with him while they sent the Sheriff’s Department out. So he wanted to know where I was and what I was driving and where I would be and when I would show up at CVS with the money. He said we then had to take it to the Sheriff’s Office. So I’m guessing he was planning on robbing me once I got to CVS,” the victim said.

The Lubbock Police Department said these phone scams are common to happen. They said the best thing you can do is not answer calls from unknown numbers.

“I would not meet up with someone. If you get a call like that make sure you call police and we have certain avenues we can take to try and me tup with them,” Lieutenant Leath McClure, with Lubbock Police Department said.