There will soon be a new wine venue in downtown Lubbock as construction begins on Burklee Hill Vineyards. The owners, Chris and Elizabeth Hill, said they are opening the tasting room in downtown Lubbock for a reason.
“We talked about possibly having a venue outside of town and then in town, and once we saw this building, we knew this is where we had to serve our wine,” Elizabeth said.
The couple has leased out the old Kress building, which was built back in the 1930s. They have started renovating the building located off Broadway and Avenue K.
“We want to see this area to be a hub for shopping, eating and dining, taking your girlfriends out for a glass of wine and shopping. I really believe this area can do that,” Elizabeth said.
The grapes are grown outside Levelland, a little more than 40 miles from downtown. Chris said they are growing on land his family has owned for over 100 years.
“The local push for farm products I think will help us. We’re making the grapes locally and selling it locally, and people get on board with that,” Chris said.
The winery is expected to open up fall 2018.