Nick’s Shaved Ice receives $5,000 grant


LUBBOCK, Texas — A local favorite was able to roll their truck out and serve customers for the first time since October, Friday. But as they were getting set up for this season, they realized they needed something that was way out of their price range.

“The whole idea is to take this and expand our menu to offer other items, but the problem is with that generator, you and I would be having a tough time having this conversation. But with the new generator, you can barely hear it, but to get something like this–these quiet generators are expensive,” said Bruce Bussell, Executive Director of Nick’s Shaved Ice.

Bussell applied for a community grant through Betenbough Homes.

“Our team was amazed immediately,” said Employee Connections Manager with Betenbough Home, Tannon Nauert. “How could we not be a part of this amazing organization, and how they are impacting our city. It was a no-brainer to get behind and support this cause.”

Bussell started the stand, named after his son Nick, in 2018, to help provide more jobs for folks with developmental disabilities. He calls his six employees differently awesome.

Nick’s requested $3,000 to buy the two new generators, but Betenbough gave them a total of $5,000.

“We really believe in who they are and what they are doing for this city, so it was an exciting opportunity to play a part in,” said Nauert.

That extra $2,000 Bussell says will carry them through this season, helping to pay for cups, flavors and more.

“I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say,” said Bussell. “We are poised now to have a breakout season.”

When they tested out the generators for the first time, it was that little lack of noise that stole the show.

“What do you say about something like that? It would take us all year and to hopefully build a customer base where we can make more money than we are actually spending. And how long would it take to be able to make the money to buy that? We couldn’t. We couldn’t have done it,” said Bussell. “What it tells you is they believe in us.”

Nick’s is hoping to eventually set up a more permanent location and extend their season to all year round.

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